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McRee's Precision Stock

"A Multi Mission Rifle Chassis"

Palouse Operational Supply, LLC is now proud to offer one of the best bolt-action rifle chassis systems available, the McRee's Precision "MP-MODSS".  All McRee stocks are proudly made in the USA and are "drop-in" ready, backed by a lifetime warranty, easy to install, and can improve your rifle's accuracy as much as 1 MOA+.  If you are looking for an operational ready rifle chassis system, are just wanting to add detachable magazines to your bolt-action rifle, or both, then look no further.  The answer is here, the McRee's Precision Stock. 

Serious shooters know that one of the first things they need to do to their stock rifle to improve accuracy is to free float their barrel and bed their rifle's action.  Usually this requires substantial know-how or paying out a bunch of money to a gunsmith to have this done for them.  McRee's Precision Stock upgrade instantly free floats the barrel and due to the aluminum chassis design bedding the action is not required.  Simply remove your stock rifle action, insert into the Mcree's Precision chassis, torque appropriately, and hit the range. 

These stocks are easy to assemble and are available with numerous upgrades and accessories. 


Prices vary on these stocks depending on the stock option, rifle action, stock color, and add-ons.  To make sure we get you the correct stock with the correct options, we have added a separate ordering page specifically for McRee's stocks. 

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** Ask us about our law enforcement, military, and fire-fighter discount!! **

 McRee's Precision Stocks

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The "TMAG" instantly converts your bolt-action rifle to a detachable magazine system.  The "TMAG" uses "AI" or "Badger" style magazines.


For shooters that prefer their bolt-action rifle without a detachable magazine.


Stock accessories and add-ons can be added to your stock order or purchased separately if needed.