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McRee "TMAG" Detachable Magazine Stock

Adding a detachable magazine capability to a bolt action rifle usually costs anywhere from $200 to $400 and requires inletting and sometimes extensive alterations to a rifle stock just to be installed.  Why spend that amount of money when you will still need to free-float your barrel and bed your action?  With the McRee's Precision TMAG chassis, you will instantly have all three and won't need to pay through the nose or hire a gunsmith to install.  The McRee's Precision "TMAG" chassis system accepts Accuracy International and Badger Ordnance 5 & 10 round rifle magazines.

  • Rock Solid Folding Stock
  • Simply Bolt your Short or Long Action right into the stock with NO MODIFICATIONS!
  • Comes With Adjustable Cheek Pieces
  • Rear Rigid Hand Hold Available
  • Requires NO Bedding, Simple Installation, Torque, and increase accuracy as much as 1 MOA+!
  • Instant upgrade to detachable AI and Badger 5 & 10 round magazines without the need for inletting or modification to the stock.



Rem.700 Short Action Family

Remington 700, Lawton 7000, Stiller TAC30 & Predator, Surgeon 591 & RSR, HS Precision Pro 2000

Rem. 700 Long Action Family

Remington 700, Lawton 7000, Stiller TAC300 & Predator, HS Precision Pro 2000, Surgeon 1086

Savage Short Action, Gen 2 and Gen 3, Savage PT & PV, Savage FT/R-Palma, Stevens 200

FN Short Action-SPS/PBR

Stiller TAC-338 1.450 diameter and TAC-408, 1.600 and 1.450 diameter

Thompson Venture Long Action

Bighorn Arms, Tactical Short Action

McBro's 50 cal Repeater


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